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So Many Assets, So Little Visibility: Today’s Device Inventory Challenges

Once upon a time, conducting a device inventory was as simple as walking through the office and ticking off the number of computers you had. Nowadays, that sounds like a fairy tale. Today, that same inventory requires tracking down each device used to access your company’s systems or information by every single employee. It’s no […]

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Axonius Surpasses 200 Adapters

Today, Axonius is proud to announce that we have over 200 adapters. This milestone is notable because adapters provide customers the insight needed to run a successful asset management program. Having over 200 in the platform means that you can get a lot of context out of the box! What are adapters? Adapters are pre-built […]

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what is cybersecurity asset management
What, Why, and How of Cybersecurity Asset Management

How can we secure an IT resource if we don’t know that it exists or if we don’t have visibility into its state? To quote respected industry practitioner Adrian Sanabria, “most security and IT problems begin with visibility.” Security practitioners crave visibility into the state of laptops, devices, virtual machines, applications, and users in their […]

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cybersecurity asset management inventory
A New Metric for Cybersecurity Asset Management: Mean Time to Inventory

This is an updated repost from the Axonius Medium blog. Back when we were just getting started building Axonius, I spoke with Cerence, Inc.’s CISO, Ken MacCuish, around asset management for cybersecurity, and the conversation gravitated to how CISOs and security teams can measure their current state as well as what success looks like when […]

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cybersecurity asset management challenges
How to Solve Common Challenges of Cybersecurity Asset Management

Security professionals face many challenges when it comes to cybersecurity asset management, from aggregating disparate data sets to establishing real-time visibility in a fluid environment. Emerging technology, such as IoT deployments, and workplace modernization, like BYOD, further complicate this situation.  We mined our customer database to surface cybersecurity asset management challenges that cut across different […]

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cybersecurity asset management
Cybersecurity Asset Management: Where We Are & How We Got Here

This is an updated repost from the Axonius Medium blog. It’s 2020, and the topic of asset management and its relationship to cybersecurity has been resurrected. Although cybersecurity asset management isn’t as sexy as AI, ML, and some of the other hot topics in cyber tech today, it’s an issue whose time has come. In […]

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What’s New in Axonius 2.11?

This week, customers were upgraded to the 2.11 version of the Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform. Here are some of the highlights in this release: New Adapters There are 18 new adapters in this release, bringing the total to 167 integrations with security and management solutions.  Updated Adapters There were multiple enhancements made to existing […]

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What’s New in Axonius 2.10

Today, we released Axonius version 2.10 to customers. Here are some of the highlights we’re excited to share with you. 1. New Adapters We are now integrated with 150 security and management solutions, and we’re constantly adding more with each release. The following are the newest adapters now available in Axonius:  Icinga — An open-source […]

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