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Security Basics: If You Can’t Make Them Sexy, Make Them Simple

This is an updated repost from the Axonius Medium blog. I’m a huge fan of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast, and one episode featured a great conversation about how security teams really want a way to consistently execute on security basics rather than buying narrow technologies focused on the edge. Narrow and Exciting vs. Broad […]

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Axonius Surpasses 200 Adapters

Today, Axonius is proud to announce that we have over 200 adapters. This milestone is notable because adapters provide customers the insight needed to run a successful asset management program. Having over 200 in the platform means that you can get a lot of context out of the box! What are adapters? Adapters are pre-built […]

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Featured Integration: Axonius and Preempt

Guest Author: Eran Cohen, Vice President of Product Management, Preempt. This post is also published on the Preempt Blog. At Axonius, we integrate with nearly 200 security and management solutions to give customers a comprehensive asset inventory, uncover security solution coverage gaps, and automate policy enforcement. In this post, we’ll look at one integration partner, […]

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As Cybersecurity Vendors, Are We Making Things Better Than Before?

This is an updated repost from the Axonius Medium blog. It’s funny how and when inspiration strikes. A few days ago, I was reading our 5-year-old one of her favorite books, “We Forgot Brock.” It’s a book I’ve read to hear dozens of times, but this time was different. When I got to the last […]

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Life As A CISO: How Do CISOs Make Sense of all the Cybersecurity Tools?

Let’s talk about why Chief Information Security Officers often struggle justifying cybersecurity purchases and which practical frameworks can help with such efforts. Like other enterprise executives, CISOs must defend their budget requests. Year after year the company hears that the CISO demands money for more projects, more products, more staff. We used to justify these […]

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