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What’s New in Axonius 2.11?

This week, customers were upgraded to the 2.11 version of the Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform. Here are some of the highlights in this release: New Adapters There are 18 new adapters in this release, bringing the total to 167 integrations with security and management solutions.  Updated Adapters There were multiple enhancements made to existing […]

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What’s New in Axonius 2.10

Today, we released Axonius version 2.10 to customers. Here are some of the highlights we’re excited to share with you. 1. New Adapters We are now integrated with 150 security and management solutions, and we’re constantly adding more with each release. The following are the newest adapters now available in Axonius:  Icinga — An open-source […]

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What’s New in Axonius 2.9

Today, we released Axonius version 2.9 to customers. Let’s take a look at what’s new. 1. New Adapters We currently have integrations with 147 security and management solutions that know about assets, and we’re always adding more. The following new adapters are now available in Axonius: Automox – a cloud-based patch and configuration management solution for […]

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