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With pre-built integrations for solutions, Axonius is the easiest way to get a truly comprehensive, up-to-date inventory of all your devices and users.

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The Only Solution of Its Kind

See how Axonius compares to other approaches to asset management.

The Only Solution of Its Kind

See how Axonius compares to other approaches to asset management.

Axonius vs. Vulnerability Scanners

Find all your devices — even those that are unknown to vulnerability scanners — at all times.
Vulnerability scanners provide valuable information on devices they know about — but the problem is, they’re seldom aware of everything. These tools only find devices during the time of a scan, meaning that the data is cyclical and often outdated. By connecting to all the tools you use already, Axonius provides a reliable, continuously updated inventory of all devices — including those vulnerability scanners don’t know about.

Axonius vs. Agent-Based Tools

Nobody ever said “we want more agents on our devices.”
Instead of using agents, Axonius simply connects to the management consoles of tools you’re already using, finding all devices while saving compute and network resources.

Axonius vs. Network Access Control

Unlike NACs, Axonius deploys seamlessly into complex, segmented networks.
Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provide great visibility into networked devices. However, NACs weren’t built for remote and cloud-based environments and cannot easily identify all devices in one deployment. Axonius connects to the management consoles of all tools you already use, providing visibility into all devices and users regardless of their location.

Axonius vs. Configuration Management Database

Want to maximize the ROI of your CMDB?
Many teams use a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to store their asset inventory, but find that they are very costly and time-consuming to maintain. CMDBs often lack direct integrations to all the tools you use, requiring in-house resources to aggregate and correlate data on assets. Axonius integrates with 261 solutions including CMDB solutions, allowing you to ingest and automatically enrich CMDB asset data.

I didn’t realize there was a solution to the problem, so we never tried to solve it. Asset management, policy validation, and cyber hygiene are so inconvenient and manual, but so essential... There has never been a tool that does what Axonius does.

Jeffrey Gardner | Senior Director of Information Security, Landmark Health

We were able to quickly identify any device that didn’t adhere to our policy and turn on alerts to know any time a device or user fell out of compliance… [Axonius] gives us confidence that we’ll know any time there’s an anomaly that needs attention

Guy Flechter | CISO, AppsFlyer

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