Cybersecurity Asset Management.

Start with a single, comprehensive view of all devices and take automated action.

See All to Secure All.

The first step in securing an organization's environment is knowing which devices are present on the network - both managed and unknown. With the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform, customers get a single point of view of all devices to answer the question: are my devices secure?

A Unified View of All Devices

By easily integrating with customers' existing management and security technologies, and using an extensible plugin infrastructure to add custom logic, customers are able to get a unified view of all devices - both known and unknown.

Preview of Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform
Axonius Uses Adapters to Connect to Existing Solutions

Integrating with Existing Management Solutions

Most organizations have already invested in management and security solutions that do a phenomenal job. The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform uses adapters to connect to these systems via APIs to discover, analyze, and correlate device information, creating a unique fingerprint and profile for every device.

Ready to see what's possible with a unified view?

From Visibility to Action

Once connected to the devices and management systems in a customer's environment via adapters, plugins allow for cross-device functionality using logic.

Plugins Leverage New Insights to Take Action

Featured Use Cases

Active, Ongoing Device Discovery

Automatically detect new devices as they come online and understand the context and status of devices. Understand the difference between a laptop, production server, and IoT device.

Asset Inventory and Classification

Once we’re able to determine what a device is, we can then apply the appropriate rights and policies to ensure that the device has the right access to the right data.

Unmanaged Device Identification

We know which devices are being managed by our systems, but what about those that connect and have access, but aren’t managed? How can we manage the unknown without visibility?

Visibility for Patch Management

Patch management combines both knowledge and action to understand which devices are known and unknown, the version and vulnerabilities of software, and the impact of change.

Increased Security Solution Deployment

We’ve all invested heavily in security tools, but know some of our devices aren’t covered. Knowing what is unmanaged allows us to extend the reach of our security tools.