Live Walkthrough of the Axonius Platform


Join us for a live walkthrough of the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.

This in-depth, 20 minute tour of the platform lets you explore different use cases and have your questions about Axonius answered live and on the air. 

Claim your spot now to see how Axonius empowers you to get answers and take action with a unified view into all your assets.

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The Simple Solution to Securing Your Assets

asset inventory

Understand Your Assets

Make your asset inventories easy and accurate, not tedious and incomplete. Axonius provides a complete, always up-to-date inventory of your environment to give you a unified view of all your devices, users, cloud assets, SaaS apps, and more.

find security coverage gaps

Discover Coverage Gaps and Risks

Easily identify security coverage gaps and misconfigurations with custom, continuous queries across your IT environment and unified look into SaaS applications.

security policy enforcement

Enforce Security Policies

Don’t just find problems — fix them as they are identified. We’ll show how Axonius can be used to automatically notify teams, enrich asset data, and take custom response actions whenever assets deviate from the ideal state.