Axonius vs. NAC

Axonius vs. NAC

A different approach from traditional network access control....

The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform is often compared to Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, and in some ways that makes sense. NAC solutions check to see whether a device has the proper security solution coverage, up-to-date software, and then makes a determination whether said device is allowed to access network resources. On the surface, there are similarities to what Axonius does:

  1. Inventory assets
  2. Determine security coverage gaps
  3. Enforce security policies

However, there are some key differences between Cybersecurity Asset Management and Network Access Control.


Traditional NAC solutions require an agent on all devices to provide visibility into all installed software, patch level, and vulnerabilities. Once the agent is deployed on every endpoint, the network-based component of the NAC solution communicates with the agent to determine whether that device should be allowed access. 

With Axonius, there are no agents to install and there are no network sniffers. Instead, the Axonius solution simply integrates with the security and management solutions a customer is already using, then collects and correlates information on assets and users to provide a comprehensive asset inventory, determine security coverage gaps, and enforce policies. 

Axonius product - Adapters screen
Axonius Adapters require no additional agents to be installed.

Network-Centric Enforcement

The name Network Access Control itself shows the perspective that these tools are centered around: the network. Using the moat and castle approach, these solutions make a determination about whether a device is worthy of entry. 

But with a highly mobile workforce in an always-connected world, the idea of always connecting to a physical corporate network just isn’t reality. And with aspirational trends like zero-trust, the notion that once a device is authorized no longer fits the network-centric model. 

Axonius was designed with the idea that while the network is certainly important, it is just one component of the overall environment. 

Device Type Coverage

With today’s computing environment consisting of desktops, laptops, VMs, servers, cloud instances, IoT devices, and mobile devices all running different operating systems, organizations simply cannot deploy agents on every device. Users of NAC solutions must then decide which types of devices will be subject to NAC coverage, and then must either segment other device types on different networks or simply not allow them. 

Axonius is device-type and OS agnostic, and by connecting to any solution that manages those devices lets customers enjoy the flexibility to use whatever devices make sense for the business while maintaining the visibility and control they need. 

Customizable Action

The Axonius Policy Enforcement Center allows customers to decide what level of action to automate. The enforcement center is trigger-based, and once a trigger is selected we can do the following actions:

  • Deploy Software
  • Run Command
  • Isolate Device in EDR
  • Add a Device to a Scan
  • Patch
  • Block
  • Create a CMDB entry
  • Manage Active Directory Services
  • Notify via email, syslog, or Slack
  • Create an incident or ticket
  • And add a tag

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