Visibility for Patch Management

You Can Only Patch What You Can See

Patch Management in a Connected World

The Patch Management Problem

Traditionally, IT and Security teams had to know 7 things to enact a viable patch management process:

  1. Which Devices Are Connected to the Network?
  2. What Version of Software Applications are Resident?
  3. What Security Vulnerabilities are Present?
  4. How Critical are the Vulnerabilities?
  5. Is a New Version Available?
  6. What’s the Impact of Upgrading?
  7. What’s the Urgency of Upgrading?

Answering each of these basic questions are critical in determining whether a patch should be applied. And while these may seem obvious and straightforward, we can see that there are several challenges along the way.

View our white paper “Patch Management in a Connected World” to understand a new approach that address both what’s known as well as the unknowns that should be known:

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