Patch Management in a Connected World

You can only patch what you can see.

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At its core, patch management is a discipline that combines both knowledge and action. It requires IT and security teams to understand which devices are known and unknown, the version and subsequent vulnerabilities of software being used, and the impact of change. In an environment complicated by always-on, smart devices, a new approach is needed to address what’s known as well as the unknowns that should be known.   

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  • Overview 

  • The Patch Management Problem

    • Which Devices Are Connected to the Network?

    • Which Versions of Software Applications Are Resident on the Devices?

    • What Security Vulnerabilities Are Present? 

    • How Critical Are the Vulnerabilities Present? 

    • Is a New Version Available?

    • What’s the Impact of Upgrading?

    • What’s the Urgency of Upgrading? 

  • IoT Devices: A New Challenge

  • Seeing All Devices for What They Are

  • Addressing the Blind Spots in the Network

  • The Axonius Approach: See All to Secure All

  • Adapters

  • Plugins

  • About Axonius

  • Support and Questions

  • Thank You

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