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    Questions About Axonius

    Read some of the frequently asked questions about the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform.

    What does Axonius do?

    Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that gives organizations a comprehensive asset inventory, uncovers security coverage gaps, and automatically validates and enforces security policies. By seamlessly integrating with over 264 security and IT management solutions, Axonius is deployed in hours to improve threat and vulnerability management, security operations, incident response, and overall security posture.

    Who benefits from using Axonius

    Security, IT, and Risk Management teams who want visibility and control over all of their assets — workstations, mobile, IoT, and virtual devices — as well as the users associated with these devices.

    How does Axonius work

    Axonius is installed as a virtual appliance. It does not require the ability to sniff network traffic or scan the network, nor does it entail the installation of any endpoint agents. Instead, Axonius gathers information on your assets with adapters, pre-built integrations that connect to tools you already use.

    Can I use Axonius with other asset management, endpoint, or visibility tools?

    Yes, Axonius is designed and built to easily integrate with existing asset management (such as CMDBs) and endpoint management tools (SCCM and more), enabling you extend the visibility and control provided by other tools for a continuous, up-to-date inventory of all assets.

    Is Axonius hosted on-premise or in the cloud?

    Axonius can be either on-premise as a single virtual appliance, or in cloud instances. You can find detailed deployment information here.

    Does Axonius need to install an endpoint agent to get data?

    No, Axonius doesn’t touch endpoints to collect data. Instead, we gather device and user data from the management consoles of devices.

    Does Axonius work in virtual and dynamic environments?

    Since Axonius does not need to scan a network, it gains and retains insight into any device that enters or leaves networks. Once connected to networking and cloud adapters, Axonius finds any device or cloud instance that has left behind evidence of connections.

    How does Axonius work in large environments with many devices?

    Regardless of scale, Axonius allows your organization to have one central platform to see and control all of devices (virtual, remote, or on-premise) including: mobile, desktops, laptops, and workstations, cloud instances, IoT devices, and ICS/OT devices. Axonius is both device- and OS-agnostic, and connects to any solution that manages those devices. That way, you can enjoy the flexibility to use whatever devices make sense for your business while maintaining the visibility and control you need. Even customers with more than a million devices and more than 50,000 employees still deploy Axonius as a single virtual appliance to get complete visibility into their assets.

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