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    Cloud Attack Surface

    What is a Cloud Attack Surface?

    Cloud attack surface refers to the total number of points of vulnerability in a public-facing cloud asset. As public cloud SaaS grows on platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), so do attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

    Who manages an organization’s Cloud Attack Surface?

    The teams within an organization that are typically tasked with securing and managing the cloud attack surface include security, IT, and DevOps.

    These leaders are typically concerned with:

    • Managing the increasing complexity of their cloud attack surface
    • Breaking down data silos to get a unified view of their cloud asset attack surface
    • Integrations with their cloud platform to help reduce the attack surface

    What are the main types of Cloud Attack Surfaces?

    The three main types of cloud attack surfaces are:

    • Private: Infrastructure owned by a single business that is typically hosted in-house
    • Public: Services and infrastructure that are shared by many organizations
    • Hybrid: A combination of both public and private clouds to create a tailored solution for both platforms to interact seamlessly

    Cloud Asset Attack Surface Resources

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