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    CMDB Reconciliation

    What is CMDB Reconciliation?

    Configuration Management Database (CMDB) reconciliation refers to the process of comparing data from multiple data systems or providers to create a single, complete and accurate production dataset for an organization.

    What are CMDBs used for?

    CMDBs are critical to minimizing IT and security incidents. Because they serve as a central repository, CMDBs are often used for tracking and managing IT assets.

    What are the challenges of CMDB Reconciliation?

    There are three primary challenges of CMDB reconciliation.

    1. Inaccurate CMDB data
    2. Missing configuration items
    3. CMDB maintenance

    Due to the complexity of today’s IT infrastructures, getting an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory is difficult to maintain. Furthermore, it rarely provides a complete picture of all assets at any given time.

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