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    What is a Cyber Hygiene Assessment?

    A cyber hygiene assessment is a type of assessment that evaluates an organization's cybersecurity practices and procedures to identify areas where they may be weak or vulnerable. The goal of a cyber hygiene assessment is to identify and prioritize areas for improvement in order to help an organization reduce its risk of cyber attacks and breaches.

    What does a cyber hygiene assessment involve?

    A cyber hygiene assessment typically involves reviewing an organization's cybersecurity policies and procedures, evaluating the security of its networks and systems, and assessing the effectiveness of its controls and safeguards. The assessment may also include interviews with employees and other stakeholders to gather more information about the organization's cybersecurity practices.

    What is evaluated during a cyber hygiene assessment?

    Some common areas that may be evaluated during a cyber hygiene assessment include:

    • Password management: Is the organization using strong and unique passwords for all accounts, and is it enforcing password complexity and expiration policies?
    • Network security: Are the organization's networks and systems configured securely, and are they being monitored and managed effectively?
    • Endpoint security: Are the organization's devices, such as laptops and smartphones, being protected against malware and other threats?
    • Access control: Is the organization implementing controls to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data and systems?
    • Patch management: Is the organization keeping its systems and software up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates?

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