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    cyber hygiene

    Cyber Hygiene Training

    What is Cyber Hygiene Training?

    A form of security awareness training that teaches users how to maintain a secure digital environment. It includes topics such as identifying phishing attacks, using strong passwords, protecting personal information, and understanding basic concepts of computer security.

    Cyber hygiene checklist

    Cyber hygiene training is for both employees and cybersecurity teams. Consider the following practices as the basis of a comprehensive cyber hygiene checklist:

    • Keep current on software and operating system patches
    • Require strong passwords and multi-factor authentication
    • Follow the principle of least privilege
    • Stay current with asset discovery by implementing systems to continually identify, catalog, and monitor IT assets
    • Maintain an up-to-date asset inventory list of all IT assets that belong to your organization that support business processes
    • Ensure employees are properly trained on how they can help minimize the organization's cyber attack surface
    • Encrypt storage drives and devices
    • Install firewalls and anti-malware software
    • Don’t share login credentials for any systems