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    it asset management

    OT Asset Management

    What is OT Asset Management?

    OT (operational technology) asset management is the process of tracking and managing the acquisition, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of physical assets throughout their entire lifecycle. This process is especially important in OT environments to ensure the optimal performance and security of these assets.

    Why is OT asset management important?

    OT asset management is important because it helps organizations keep track of their physical assets, such as networks, hardware, and software. By tracking and managing these assets, organizations can ensure that they’re properly maintained and running optimally, reducing downtime and unplanned outages.

    Additionally, OT asset management can help organizations plan for necessary upgrades and repairs, and ensure that the necessary resources are available when needed.

    Finally, OT asset management can provide organizations with critical insights into how their processes and systems are performing, allowing them to make more informed decisions about how to improve their operations.