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    SaaS Attack Surface Management

    What is SaaS Attack Surface Management?

    SaaS attack surface management is an emerging technology addressing foundational challenges around SaaS applications, like gaining full visibility into the SaaS application landscape, securing sensitive data, and staying compliant with federal and industry regulators.

    Why is SaaS attack surface management important?

    It aims to solve operational and security challenges of SaaS across multiple layers.

    First, the breadth of SaaS provides complete and actionable visibility into all known and unknown SaaS applications, as well as into app-to-app connectivity.

    Enhanced by the SaaS app stack discovery, SaaS attack surface management addresses the depth (the security of those SaaS apps) by uncovering and mitigating various security risks, such as user access policies, password policies, and more, that put sensitive customer and business data at risk.

    Finally, SaaS attack surface management helps contextualize the data, and prioritize what really needs to be acted on across the entire SaaS app stack to streamline efforts to reduce that attack surface.