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    SaaS Data Breach

    What is a SaaS data breach?

    A SaaS data breach occurs when there is unauthorized access to sensitive data stored within a SaaS application. This can happen when an attacker gains access to the login credentials of one of the app users, exploits a vulnerability or misconfigurations within the SaaS application or a third-party service used by the platform, or through insider threats.

    What are the implications of a SaaS data breach?

    SaaS data breaches can have serious consequences for organizations. Depending on the type of data compromised, a breach can result in financial loss, reputation damage, and legal and regulatory fines.

    To better manage their SaaS application security posture and mitigate risks these days, organizations leverage dedicated SaaS management and SaaS security solutions. The solutions help continuously reduce the SaaS app attack surface by ensuring complete visibility into the SaaS environment, correct settings configurations, strong access controls, ongoing vulnerability and compliance checks across the company’s SaaS app stack, and monitoring for suspicious activity.