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    SaaS Management

    What is SaaS Management?

    SaaS management refers to the practice of automating and consolidating management tasks across an organization’s entire inventory of cloud-based SaaS applications.

    What are the uses of SaaS Management?

    SaaS management provides cybersecurity professionals with a view of all of their software. This includes common tasks such as:

    • Assigning new employees with software licenses
    • Deactivating software licenses for employees leaving the organization
    • Keeping track of monthly and annual SaaS spend
    • Discovering and monitoring which software tools are being used

    SaaS Management resources

    SaaS configurations. Spending. Data sprawl. Shadow SaaS. It’s easy to see that SaaS management is no easy feat. Learn how to navigate the complexity in this white paper.

    Axonius SaaS Management streamlines SaaS management. Learn more about the solution now.

    Today’s SaaS apps have countless configuration settings that can introduce security gaps and risk. Learn how Axonius helps bolster your SaaS security.