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    What is a SaaS misconfiguration?

    SaaS app misconfigurations refer to errors in the configuration of a SaaS application that can create security vulnerabilities or other issues. These misconfigurations can occur during the initial setup of the SaaS application, during updates or changes to the configuration, permission levels, or through the actions of individual users. Although this “configuration drift” is unavoidable, regular configuration review minimizes drift, ensuring configuration settings remain in alignment with the originally defined configuration.

    What are common SaaS misconfiguration challenges?

    Configuration settings are unique to each SaaS application. They allow the user to modify the app with predefined options to best integrate with their internal systems and preferences.

    The number of configuration settings for an individual SaaS application varies depending on the app itself but can easily include tens or hundreds of settings each. With potentially hundreds of SaaS applications and configuration settings for each, and with thousands of users, misconfigurations are inevitable. Configuration management can easily become an extensive effort necessitating countless person-hours to configure and maintain settings. Frequent updates inherent in SaaS platforms compounds this challenge.

    Solving the SaaS misconfiguration challenge.

    To monitor and mitigate SaaS app misconfigurations, organizations leverage dedicated SaaS management and SaaS security solutions. The solutions help continuously reduce the SaaS app attack surface by ensuring complete visibility into the SaaS environment, correct settings configurations, strong access controls, ongoing vulnerability, and compliance checks across the company’s SaaS app stack, and monitoring for suspicious activity.

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