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    SaaS Sprawl

    What is SaaS Sprawl?

    Software as a Service (SaaS) sprawl is the proliferation of SaaS applications within an organization, often resulting in data silos and excessive IT costs.

    How do you prevent or minimize SaaS sprawl?

    1. Develop a SaaS policy that outlines the criteria for selecting, approving, and managing SaaS applications.
    2. Set up a centralized SaaS management system to track and manage SaaS applications.
    3. Implement an approval process for all SaaS applications.
    4. Establish cost controls, such as budgeting and forecasting, to keep SaaS spending in line.
    5. Educate users on the importance of following the SaaS policy and the risks of SaaS sprawl.
    6. Monitor SaaS usage and usage trends to identify and address any issues.