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    SaaS User

    What is a SaaS user?

    SaaS users refer to individuals within an organization who access and use SaaS applications to perform their job functions or to achieve specific business objectives. SaaS users may include employees, 3rd party vendors, partners, and others who access the organization’s SaaS applications.

    The role of SaaS users in SaaS management

    Managing SaaS users is an important aspect of SaaS management, as it involves ensuring that users have appropriate access to SaaS applications and permissions based on their roles, responsibilities, and business needs. This includes managing user authentication and authorization, provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts, and monitoring user activity within SaaS applications to ensure compliance with security and governance policies.

    Effective SaaS user management requires a well-defined SaaS governance framework that includes policies, procedures, and tools for managing user access, roles, and permissions across multiple SaaS applications. This can help to improve security, compliance, and governance for SaaS applications and ensure that they are being used effectively to achieve business objectives.

    To ensure efficient SaaS user management in SaaS applications, organizations leverage dedicated SaaS management solutions. The solutions help discover all SaaS applications, including sanctioned, unsanctioned, shadow, and unmanaged apps, identify SaaS users, and inform SaaS cost optimization and spend.