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    SaaS Vulnerabilities

    What are SaaS vulnerabilities?

    SaaS app vulnerabilities refer to weaknesses SaaS applications that can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to data or systems. These vulnerabilities can be caused by coding, settings and access controls misconfigurations or outdated software.

    How can organizations mitigate SaaS vulnerabilities?

    While SaaS app vendors use security measures to detect and prevent these vulnerabilities, like testing, implementing secure coding practices or monitoring for suspicious activity, organizations can also take steps to protect themselves, such as setting up company-wide SaaS app access policies, using strong passwords, and enabling multi-factor authentication.

    To monitor and mitigate SaaS app vulnerabilities, organizations leverage dedicated SaaS management and SaaS security solutions. The solutions help continuously reduce the SaaS app attack surface by ensuring complete visibility into the SaaS environment, correct settings configurations, strong access controls, ongoing vulnerability, and compliance checks across the company’s SaaS app stack, and monitoring for suspicious activity.