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    What is Zero Trust?

    The zero trust security model is a cybersecurity approach that assumes that all network traffic and access requests should be treated as potentially malicious, regardless of whether they originate from inside or outside the organization's network. The goal of zero trust is to minimize the risk of cyber attacks by requiring all users and devices to authenticate and authorize themselves before they’re granted access to resources.

    How is network traffic treated with a zero trust security model?

    In a zero trust security model, all network traffic is treated as untrusted and subjected to rigorous security controls and checks. This includes traffic that originates from within the organization's network, as well as traffic that originates from external sources.

    How to implement a zero trust security model

    To implement a zero trust security model, organizations typically use a combination of security technologies and processes, like:

    • Multi-factor authentication: This requires users to provide multiple forms of identification, such as a password and a security token, before they’re granted access to resources.
    • Access controls: These controls determine which users and devices are allowed to access which resources, and under what conditions.
    • Network segmentation: This divides the network into smaller segments, each of which is isolated from the others and can only be accessed by authorized users and devices.
    • Continuous monitoring: This involves monitoring the network and its users and devices in real time to detect and respond to any suspicious activity.

    The zero trust security model is designed to be more resilient to cyber attacks than traditional security models, which often rely on perimeter-based defenses that can be breached if an attacker gains initial access to the network.

    By requiring all users and devices to authenticate and authorize themselves before accessing resources, the zero trust model reduces the risk of unauthorized access and helps to prevent the spread of attacks within the network.

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