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Security and IT operations teams who want visibility and control over all types and numbers of devices on their network.

Axonius allows organizations to have one central platform to see and control all of their mobile, compute, and IoT devices, instances and machines, whether they are on premise, remote, or in the cloud.

No, with the accelerating adoption of IoT, cloud, and mobile computing, the IT environment is experiencing an explosion in the number and types of devices on the network. Axonius uses existing and new controls and solutions, combining these into a single centralized platform for visibility and control, thereby eliminating visibility and control gaps and increasing the return on investment of current solutions.

No, Axonius is designed and built to easily integrate with them and extends the visibility and control provided by other tools.

UEM solutions try to provide the same set of controls across all the devices in an organization. Axonius believes that with the explosive growth in the number and type of devices on networks, different organizational preferences and the advancement of technology, the most efficient way of enabling true consolidated management is by integrating existing and new controls and solutions into one place.

Axonius allows anyone to integrate with existing solutions via a robust adaptor API framework. This enables both control and visibility of these devices and solution through Axonius. As an example, an IoT manufacturer can implement the visibility and control interface of the device as a part of the Axonius platform. The same applies to a piece of logging software that is a source of data as an input to the Axonius platform. In addition, Axonius platform’s easy graphical process building UI allows operations teams to build and deploy consistent control logic across devices and existing and new control solutions, via plug-ins. Lastly, Axonius provides for the secure exchange of both adaptors and plug-in through its secure enterprise sharing capability.

Yes. Axonius is able to provide visibility and control for any type of device, by either having an existing integration to that control/device type or enabling creation of a custom one through its platform adaptors and plug-ins.

No. While users of Axonius will benefit from centralized visibility or control, Axonius doesn’t aim to replace or have any impact on the way Network Operation Centers operate, only to enhance their capabilities where needed.

No. Axonius integrates with existing Configuration Management Databases, and increase their return on investment to organizations. Axonius does not require an existing CMDB solution if there is none.

Today, many “easy” questions are very hard to answer in organizations, such as, “How many devices do you have?” “Are they up to date and secure?” While on the surface this sounds peculiar, below the surface, this stems from an immense amount of fragmentation in the technology of organizations. This creates an artificial speed limit on innovation, slowing down organizations from truly taking advantage of the potential of existing and new technologies due to security and operational risks. Axonius envisions a future where an organization can move faster in implementing new technology than anything seen before. Where IT and security operations teams become innovation catalysts, rather than be seen as inhibitors.

Axonius will not only enable better visibility, but enhanced control over your devices, using your existing tools and solutions, or allowing you to easily deploy new ones.