Identify Where Your Agents Are (And Aren’t).

    Agents only provide visibility where they’re deployed — so Axonius looks for where they’re not.

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    See Where Agents Are Missing

    Agent-based tools only see where they’re deployed, leaving blindspots and increasing organizational risk. Siloed approaches don’t work, and disparate data sets don’t provide the information you need to mitigate risk.

    disparate data

    Siloed Tools and Disparate Data

    Organizations have numerous technologies deployed across their IT stack. But these tools don’t talk to each other or even speak the same language, leaving operators struggling to unify the data that would give them an accurate asset inventory.

    endpoint coverage

    Inadequate Endpoint Coverage

    Agent-based endpoint protection tools offer device insights when and where they’re deployed. But when an agent is missing or malfunctioning, it introduces risk and expands your attack surface.

    missing agents

    Incomplete Data

    In a perfect world, agents can be installed everywhere they need to be. But installing agents throughout the entire IT stack is often impossible — and would cause serious system latency. The absence of agents therefore leaves data gaps and prevents decision makers from making the best decisions.

    How Axonius Helps With Agent Coverage

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