On-Demand Webinar

Cost Optimization – The Top IT and Security Priority for 2023


How to find wasted spend, make the most of what you have, and use automation to stop doing manual work.

Economic uncertainty has resulted in nearly every organization looking to cut costs and reduce headcount, leaving IT and security teams with smaller budgets and fewer resources. 

Watch the replay to learn how to identify cost inefficiencies, make the most of the tools you already have, and eliminate manual processes. In this session, we cover: 

  • How IT and security teams can identify wasted spend, eliminate overlap, and other opportunities to overcome budget limitations
  • How to get more out of the tools and resources already purchased
  • Approaches to tool justification, discovering gaps, and identifying manual processes that can be automated to focus people on more strategic tasks

Read more in the companion piece:

"Cost Optimization: The Consensus IT and Security Priority." 

Watch the Replay