See all devices for what they are.

Axonius. The unified device management platform to see and secure all.

Introducing Axonius.

For organizations that see opportunity in today’s always-on and always-connected reality, Axonius is the unified device management platform that lets IT and Security teams see devices for what they are in order to manage and secure all.
Axonius Unified Device Management Platform

Unified Device Visibility

Get a universal view of all devices to see all devices for what they are.

Connect Existing Solutions

Axonius easily integrates with management and security technologies.

Go From Visibility to Action

An extensible platform with plugins for cross-device functionality.

See what is possible with a unified view of all devices.

Featured Resource

Patch Management in a Connected World

At its core, patch management is a discipline that combines both knowledge and action. It requires IT and security teams to understand which devices are known and unknown, the version and subsequent vulnerabilities of software being used, and the impact of change. In an environment complicated by always-on, smart devices, a new approach is needed to address what's known as well as the unknowns that should be known.

Featured Blog Post

Recently at the annual California Israel Chamber of Commerce CiConnect 2017 Startups Competition, Axonius hit a milestone: our first award. Of the 19 presenting companies in the startup showcase, Axonius was selected as the winner.

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