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Know Your Assets, Identify Gaps, and Automate Security Policy Enforcement

How many assets are in your environment, and are they secure? Most security teams don't know.

Asset management is a huge, nagging problem that is only getting worse. With the increase in the number and types of devices in today’s corporate environment, compounded by trends like BYOD, Cloud and IoT, companies struggle to understand how many devices are on their networks, what’s on them and whether they comply with the overall security policy. Until now.

Enter Axonius, a simple solution with a unique approach. By aggregating existing business data from more than 200 management and security solutions, the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform provides actionable visibility and automated security policy enforcement for every asset and user.

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Axonius leverages your existing security infrastructure investments to provide deep, detailed information about every device in your environment—including device type, installed software, known vulnerabilities, users, available patches and much more.

On average, Axonius finds that between 10% and 18% of devices are unmanaged.

Get a unified view of all your assets, both known and unknown, on-premise and in the cloud.

Armed with a comprehensive asset inventory, customers are able to build custom queries to understand how every asset and user stacks up against their security policy to address any issues.

Between 16% and 24% of endpoints are missing an agent.

Axonius makes it easy to find out which of your devices aren’t covered the way they should be.

Once they’ve learned which assets they have and where coverage gaps exist, customers can automate policy validation and enforcement, triggering actions like installing software, blocking, scanning, enriching CMDB data and more.

16% to 25% of a company’s devices are missing a security solution that the company is already paying for.

Axonius puts security policy validation and enforcement on autopilot.

I’ve lived the pain of never having a straight answer around assets. We never know how many servers there are, virtual machines, endpoint devices.

I can finally put a checkbox into a problem that’s been around for 20, 30 years and basically say, ‘This has potential for solving it, and it leverages my existing security infrastructure investments by pooling it all together, versus having to deploy more agents.”

– Patrick Heim, Operating Partner and CISO, ClearSky
With Axonius You Can
  • 01
    Understand what you have
  • 02
    Discover coverage gaps
  • 03
    Validate & enforce security policies
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