Simple asset management for cybersecurity.

Axonius: the cybersecurity asset management platform to see and secure all.

Introducing Axonius.

For organizations that see opportunity in today’s always-on and always-connected reality, Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that lets IT and Security teams see devices for what they are to manage and secure all.
Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform

Universal Device Visibility

Get a universal view of all devices to see all devices for what they are.

Connect Existing Solutions

Axonius easily integrates with management and security technologies.

Go From Visibility to Action

An extensible platform with plugins for cross-device functionality.

See what is possible with a unified view of all devices.

Featured Resource

The 1st Step to Zero Trust: Asset Management for Cybersecurity

Eight years after former Forrester analyst John Kindervag introduced the Zero Trust model, the concept has hit the mainstream. As current Forrester analyst Chase Cunningham says, 85% of his calls involve zero trust. With the amount of interest in the concept, many organizations are rushing to understand how to implement the zero-trust model. In this guide, we’ll look at the first step to implementing zero trust: asset management.

Featured Blog Post

The story of how Axonius won the RSAC Innovation Sandbox includes a canceled flight, an untucked shirt, and Toyota Camry. It was a snowy weekend before RSA, and even more snow was expected on the East Coast. I took the early flight to San Francisco on Sunday to be there early….just in case.

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