Reduce M&A Cyber Risk With Axonius

Acquisition and merger centric organizations may have the material benefit of audited financial statements to gauge the fiscal health of a potential acquisition — but true clarity into cyber health and overall IT hygiene of another company is only possible post-acquisition.

Without credible, comprehensive information on the acquired computing state, it’s hard to identify potential problems and even harder to evaluate solutions that address them.

Axonius brings clarity to the state of all IT assets — both for the acquiring company and integrated company — to inform IT and security decisions and make the integration successful.

In this data sheet, you’ll learn how to:

  • Inventory and fully define all IT assets acquired, including cloud assets and unmanaged devices
  • Identify the strength of your security posture and IT hygiene
  • Take automated actions to close gaps, document change, and report progress
Axonius for M&A Data Sheet Thumbnail

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