Cybersecurity Asset Management for Healthcare Organizations:

Setting the Foundation for Zero Trust

As in enterprises of all kinds, IT and cybersecurity teams in healthcare face formidable challenges: Remote work and use of the cloud are on the rise, and cybersecurity threats are multiplying and getting more sophisticated.

But in healthcare, the stakes are especially high. IT systems are intricately tied to patient care—there are 10 to 15 million network-connected medical devices in U.S. hospitals, or 10 to 15 per patient bed. The security and availability of those devices are quite literally a matter of life and death, but many were not designed with security in mind.

In this playbook, we explore how a comprehensive technology asset inventory on a single platform protects health care organizations from security breaches by:

  • Providing often overstretched IT and security personnel with an accurate view of technology assets 
  • Keeping track of ever-proliferating connected devices 
  • Ensuring the secure use of both cloud-based and legacy on-premises systems

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