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    "Axonius has helped us automate a lot of the asset discovery in collection and inventorying, simply by being able to automatically go out and have a touch point with all of the different critical infrastructure pieces that we have within our environment, collecting data from disparate sources, and correlating it into one clean inventory."

    - Cimpress

    “We can quantify the scope and then the potential impact. Not only is the information measurable, it’s actionable, too. Axonius enhances our capabilities on threat hunting, investigations, and situational awareness.”

    - City of Los Angeles

    “We got Axonius up and running in an hour and pulling in data from 18 different sources. The fact that you don’t have to deploy agents, you don’t have to deploy sensors, that makes it really easy to get the data in. For me, it [was] a no brainer. “

    - Exclusive Networks

    "If you don't know the assets that you have in your environment, and how up to date they are, then you're going to want to take a look at Axonius."

    - Cimpress

    "Axonius has become a pretty critical piece of our whole ecosystem."

    - Energy Management Company

    "[Axonius] has become a core pillar of our security program as a whole, and it's also helping build out IT's maturity as well."

    - Avant

    Asset Graph Diagrams


    By connecting to hundreds of data sources and aggregating, normalizing, deduplicating, and correlating asset data, vulnerabilities, security controls, and their interrelationships, customers can ask questions, get answers, and automate action.


    Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management gives customers a complete cyber asset inventory, uncovers security issues, and automates remediation action.

    why axonius?


    With a comprehensive understanding of all assets including devices, identities, software, SaaS applications, vulnerabilities, security controls, and the context between them, customers are able to mitigate threats, navigate risk, decrease incident response time, automate action, and inform business-level strategy — all while eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.



    Fragmented data sources, multiple device types and operating systems, and decentralized ownership mean visibility challenges for IT and infrastructure teams. Use Axonius to unify data from multiple sources on-premise and in the cloud. From alerts to CMDB reconciliation, data enrichment, and ticket automation, Axonius reduces manual work with custom response actions.



    Security teams struggle to manage an always-expanding sprawl of devices, users, software, SaaS applicaitons, cloud services, and the tools used to secure them. The result: the manual work of finding and securing assets is tedious, error-prone, and a waste of scarce, valuable resources. Security teams use Axonius to get an always up-to-date asset inventory, proactively manage risk, and automate action.

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