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    The Axonius Story.

    The team solving asset management for cybersecurity.

    Axonius Co-Founders

    About Axonius

    Axonius was founded in June 2017 to answer a simple question. Despite all of the high-tech, sci-fi tools we have in cybersecurity, why is it so difficult to answer simple questions about the devices, users, and cloud instances we’re tasked with securing? Asset management is so foundational, yet it’s a nagging problem that is only getting worse. Co-Founders Dean Sysman, Ofri Shur, and Avidor Bartov, veterans of an elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Defense Force built Axonius to solve the asset management challenge for cybersecurity. Axonius is headquartered in New York, NY and our R&D team is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. 


    The Mission

    It’s 2021, and security teams are still spending time and manual effort trying to understand the assets they have, whether those assets are secure, and whether they adhere to or deviate from their security policies. Our mission is to give customers a comprehensive and always up-to-date asset inventory, uncover security gaps, and automate as much of the manual remediation work as our customers want. When organizations stop spending time on manual asset management tasks, they're able to take on the high-value cybersecurity initiatives that highly trained and skilled cybersecurity professionals love doing.


    The Problem

    Somewhere along the line, asset management became boring compared to all of the other things we do in cybersecurity. Yet everything we do in cybersecurity requires knowing what assets we have and whether they meet our security controls.

    We often call asset management the “Toyota Camry” of cybersecurity: it’s not as exciting as some of the bleeding-edge technologies out there, but understanding the relationship between devices, users, cloud instances, and the solutions and controls in place to secure and manage them is the foundation of any security program.


    Incredible Growth

    The demand for a cybersecurity asset management solution has been unbelievable. We are proud to count some of the largest, most iconic, and most innovative brands in the world as customers, and Axonius has earned prestigious accolades like the Most Innovative Startup at the RSAC Innovation Sandbox, the CNBC Upstart 100, Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star, and many more.


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