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    Understand the security state of all assets — wherever they’re located.

    Accelerate Without Compromising Visibility and Security

    Axonius enables customers to continuously reduce their attack surface as they move more assets to the cloud. Customers use the AWS adapter on the Axonius platform to track and manage AWS assets, including EC2, ECS, EKS, IAM, EBS, ELB, RDS, S3, VPC, Workspaces, Lambda, and Route 53. With the AWS adapter connected, customers can correlate AWS services with other IT and Solutions, understand security control coverage across AWS assets, and understand whether AWS assets meet company policies or align with security best practices.

    The AWS adapter fetches from AWS services such as Inspector and Security Hub. Customers can gain further insight to utilize other AWS services, such as CloudTrail to reduce risks within their cloud environment.

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    Complete Asset Visibility

    With 450+ adapters, Axonius identifies every asset on your network; every asset you need to move to the cloud; and every asset in your hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.


    Vulnerability Management and Prioritization

    Using the AWS adapter on the Axonius platform, security operations and DevOps team prioritize which vulnerabilities to act on first.


    Reduced Time to Remediate

    Use Axonius to automate response actions in AWS, such as stopping EC2 instances, or patching software using AWS SSM whenever assets deviate from a desired state.

    AWS On Air!

    Check out our recent interview featured on AWS On Air! where CMO, Nate Burke speaks to how the Axonius platform delivers a true system of record for digital infrastructure.


    Buy on AWS Marketplace

    Axonius can be purchased through Amazon Marketplace with Public
    and Private Offers.


    Simple and Powerful Integrations

    Axonius makes it easy to fetch data from numerous AWS services and products.


    Amazon Inspector

    Inspector findings are fetched in Axonius and correlated across numerous data source to improve vulnerability management and prioritization.

    Secret Manager

    AWS Secrets Manager

    AWS Secrets Manager enables customers to securely pull and rotate credentials in Axonius, meeting password complexity requirements.

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    AWS SecurityHub

    With insights from AWS SecurityHub, Axonius customers can compare against correlated data to verify whether assets that don't meet best practice standards have a compensating security control.


    Amazon GuardDuty

    By integrating with Amazon GuardDuty, Axonius helps customers detect malicious activity to protect AWS accounts, workloads and data and help them understand which assets have compensating security controls.


    Amazon Macie

    Axonius fetches findings from Amazon Macie to help customers identify exposed S3 buckets to maintain data integrity and compliance.