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    IT Team Support


    IT teams need the right tools to overcome personnel shortages, budget constraints, and the complexity of a growing attack surface — all while keeping their company running smoothly and securely. The Axonius Platform supports IT teams by delivering a comprehensive asset and infrastructure inventory, so they can get a full understanding of what exists in their environment. Axonius also helps identify, prioritize, and remediate security gaps, and validate and enforce security policies through notifications, data enrichment, and in-app or third-party responses.

    Unify Asset Data

    Aggregate, normalize, deduplicate, and correlate data from hundreds of sources to gain comprehensive visibility into your complex environment — plus access all assets from one place.

    Track Dynamic Assets

    Inventory and track dynamic assets, including virtual machines and cloud workloads throughout their entire lifecycle.

    Improve IT Hygiene

    Uncover assets with missing or malfunctioning agents, outdated OS versions, EOL software, and CMDB coverage issues.

    Identify Rogue Devices

    Find and address unauthorized and unmanaged assets, devices on restricted network segments, and more.

    IT Success


    The Axonius Platform elevates operational capacity and proficiency by automatically delivering an accurate and easily accessible asset inventory. Axonius automates functions like control monitoring, vulnerability identification, and compliance to free up resources so teams can concentrate on more strategic initiatives. Axonius also initiates regulation, governance, and policy enforcement, plus tracks the status of tickets through completion.

    • Assets and Inventories
    • Manage Assets
    • Manage IT Infrastructure

    Assets and Inventories

    Comprehensive Visibility

    Comprehensive Asset and INFRASTRUCTURE VISIBILITY

    IT teams can see, access, and manage any assets or infrastructure in their inventory from the consolidated Assets Page within the unified Axonius Platform. The Assets Page contains all asset types in one location to streamline asset management workflows. The page also introduces new and expanded asset types, like roles, application extensions, network devices, load balancers, and file system storage — enabling better categorization and understanding of all assets and related risks. 


    Asset inventory - showing the assets page with a device screen, but also showing the nav bar that shows devices, vulns, Software, SaaS etc. so it doesn't look like we just do devices.
    Asset graph - show the interrelationships between items - not necessarily the full width - maybe just the graph itself
    Contextualized Asset Data


    When it comes to assets, context matters — especially in incident investigations and vulnerability prioritization. The Axonius Platform delivers in-depth contextualization and investigation tools to identify and mitigate risk. Take advantage of the Axonius cross-asset Query Wizard or AI-powered Query Assistant to quickly create complex searches without code or query language. The Findings Page offers quick and easy asset tracking, and the Asset Graph visualizes asset relationships and dependencies.



    Axonius Software Management delivers extensive visibility into software applications. It helps IT, financial, and security and risk teams automatically identify all software across the technology estate to identify unwanted and unsanctioned software, inform software spend and cost optimization, and reduce risk.

    Screenshot showing software screen in asset page.

    Manage Assets

    Control SaaS Sprawl

    SaaS Management

    Gain control over SaaS sprawl. Axonius SaaS Management discovers all your known and unknown SaaS applications, identifies misconfigurations and data security risks, and delivers insights for better IT management and cost optimization.

    License screen in assets page
    Track and Manage Software

    Software Management

    Axonius Software Management helps you understand your full software inventory — from licensed installs, to unsanctioned apps, and the associated costs and risks. Know what’s obsolete and nearing end of support or end of life so you can better plan renewals. Understand if software has never been used or is orphaned so you can reclaim and redistribute licenses to optimize software spend. Identify known vulnerabilities and automate remediation.

    Tell a Story

    Dashboards and Reporting

    An IT team’s job isn’t complete until results are shared with the CIO or executive management team. Easy-to-understand visualizations that simplify complex data analysis — like dashboards and reports – help tell a story about what happened and when. The Axonius Platform comes complete with ready-made charts and dashboard templates to generate immediate time to value. Multiple chart types — comparison, intersection, segmentation, summary, timeline, charts and more – help to visually represent data. Dashboard templates help understand multi-faceted topics like vulnerabilities, software spend, or compliance. Include individual charts or whole dashboards in reports and schedule distributions to select individuals or groups based on RBAC rules.  

    Axonius dashboard - the more interesting the items, the better - doesn't have to be the main dash.

    Manage IT Infrastructure

    Patch Management

    Identify Missing Patches and Updates

    Known, yet unpatched vulnerabilities continue to be successfully exploited long after patches are available. IT teams use the Axonius Platform to continuously check for and identify missing patches and updates, assess and prioritize their impact, and enforce policy compliance — to eliminate unnecessary risk.

    charts showing patches and updates needed.
    A query about windows servers
    Server Infrastructure

    Track and Manage Servers

    Track and manage servers wherever they exist — across data centers, offices, cloud platforms, hybrid environments — all while maintaining compliance with security policies. The Axonius Platform eases digital transformation worries to reliably transition on-premise assets to a data center or the cloud.

    Control Management

    Manage Your Technical Landscape

    IT managers need to know what’s happening within their asset and digital infrastructure at all times. With Axonius, easily detect devices with missing or malfunctioning security controls. Find shadow IT, shadow software, and other unauthorized and unmanaged devices on restricted networks. Monitor user accounts and permissions to avoid related security risks. Axonius offers extended asset categories — like network devices and services, load balancers, object storage, and more — to give you immediate access and insights. 

    unsanctioned software

    See the Platform

    See the Axonius Platform for yourself with an interactive product tour, where we'll guide you through key applications of our Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.


    Axonius correlates asset data from existing solutions to provide an always up-to-date inventory, uncover gaps, and automate action – giving IT and Security Teams the confidence to Control Complexity™.


    Discover all SaaS applications, see data interconnectivity, identify risk, and optimize costs.