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    By any measure, Axonius is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in history. We’ve reported triple-digit revenue growth for the past three years, and more than doubled in size since 2021. We are consistently awarded for our innovation and momentum, and we’ve been able to achieve all of this in just five years since our founding in 2017.

    Today, we are excited to add yet another accolade to the list. Last night Axonius was added to the 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ for the first time, ranking in at number 3 – based on our 46,270% revenue growth between 2018 and 2021. This makes us the fastest-growing cybersecurity company in North America in 2022.


    And while the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™rankings may be calculated based on revenue figures, it’s my belief that growth happens as a result of a lot more than market demand for a product or service. In fact, there are several key factors that contribute to a company’s success, all of which brought us to this point. 

    Understanding the Current Environment

    The world has changed dramatically since 2017. Not only did we experience a pandemic, but we’re now learning how to contend with yet another era of uncertainty: the economy and a looming recession. Yet even amidst current economic conditions, Axonius continues to see demand for our products increase. That’s because we solve a decades-old problem that only promises to get more complex with time - managing the disparate parts of an organization’s IT infrastructure can and will continue to be one of the biggest challenges for IT and security professionals.

    But we also understand what our customers need given today’s current market conditions. We know security and IT teams are already short-staffed and stressed out. And with orders from above instructing them to prevent, respond to, and mitigate cyberattacks 24/7, they can’t afford to spend time manually conducting asset inventories.

    And that’s where we come in. Axonius eliminates the need for manual asset inventory work, and instead leverages your existing data to provide you with an up-to-date inventory – alongside the ability to uncover gaps and automatically trigger action.

    At a time when many organizations are re-examining what they’re spending on and how they can cut back, Axonius immediately offers them an alternative: extending your IT and security teams’ time and resources to focus on the what matters most. 

    Looking to the Future

    Beyond helping our customers manage the current economic climate, we also keep an eye to the future by anticipating what’s next – especially when it comes to the cybersecurity challenges our customers might eventually face.

    That view of the future is the reason why we launched AxoniusX, a separate business unit within Axonius focused solely on research and product development. In January, AxoniusX delivered its first product, Axonius SaaS Management, because we recognized the challenges the rapid increase in consumption of SaaS applications would soon pose to IT and security teams. 

    Today, it’s nearly impossible to know the exact number of SaaS applications being used across an organization and whether all of those apps are properly configured. And while SaaS security may not be the top priority for IT and security teams right now, the appetite for SaaS will only continue to grow, and so will the security implications.

    We are One Team

    Having a good handle on the past, present, and future is certainly a leading indicator of a company’s ability to continue to grow, but an even more important element has to do with its people. The team working behind the scenes to improve your product, help customers understand its value, and educate the industry on your particular market. 

    At Axonius, we may move fast, but we win and lose together. Our company mission is growth, and that includes growth for our customers, our organization, but most importantly, our people. I’m proud of the environment we’ve been able to build that enables our team to show up as the best versions of themselves each and every day. And it’s this focus - on our strengths and our weaknesses, our failures as well as our successes - that has gotten us to this point. To being able to proudly share our number 3 ranking on one of the most prominent lists for technology companies.


    Thank you to our people for giving us the confidence to succeed. And thank you to our customers for your continued trust in our product, our team, and the decisions we’ve made. There are plenty more exciting things on the horizon! 

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