Measuring Cybersecurity
The KPIs That Matter

A core aspect of moving to a more mature cybersecurity program is formalizing your ability to measure and report cybersecurity performance. However, measuring cybersecurity is not easy. In fact, at times, it can be near impossible. Especially with an ever-expanding attack surface. 

At the same time, security leaders today are under an immense amount of pressure to demonstrate their value beyond just reducing risk. They also need to demonstrate how their security plans align with the overall goals of their organization, which the right metrics can help achieve.

Watch the replay to learn more about why cybersecurity measurement matters and the specific KPIs to focus on. In this session we cover:

  • Why formally tracking (and reporting) cybersecurity KPIs is more important than ever 
  • Common cybersecurity measurement challenges and how to overcome them
  • Specific metrics most frequently used by various security teams and what they demonstrate

Watch the Replay