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    Epiq x Axonius: Four Years and Counting of Visibility and Growth

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    Let’s throw it back to 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, security departments faced a slew of new challenges, and gaining visibility into increasingly complex IT environments was paramount — but achieving it became more complex than ever before.

    It’s at this time four years ago that Epiq, a full-service legal technology provider, first leveraged the Axonius Platform to meet its asset management needs. But the company didn't stop there. Fast forward four years and to a new CISO, and Axonius continues to be known affably as the team’s Swiss Army Knife — serving as much more than just a cybersecurity tool. This timeline shares the highlights of the Epiq x Axonius journey over the past few years.


    When it comes to using Axonius, the Epiq team has no plans of stopping. They’ve found that implementation never seems to end — because they’re always growing and choosing to add more to their environments. Axonius has become an integral part of everything the Epiq security team does — and they undoubtedly plan on keeping this Swiss Army Knife in the toolbox.

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