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    Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management empowers you to get answers and trigger actions on all assets in your environment across cloud, physical, and virtual devices. 

    Get a free full-access 30 day trial so you can:

    • Gain visibility into all assets
    • Identify gaps and detect vulnerabilities that put you at risk
    • Say goodbye to manual asset collection and endless alert triage

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    Axonius has helped us automate a lot of the asset discovery in collection and inventorying, simply by being able to automatically go out and have a touch point with all of the different critical infrastructure pieces that we have within our environment, collecting data from disparate sources, and correlating it into one clean inventory.

    Manager of Security Engineering · Manufacturing Industry


    General asset management is hard, especially when it comes to tracking cyber assets after deployment. Axonius helps solve this by tying all the information available assets into one easy-to-view and easy-to-query UI. It was a win for our asset management team. It also provides added benefits for cybersecurity and systems administration teams who will use it for increasingly complex tasks and to identify gaps and clutter in the environment.

    Cyber Security Analyst · Energy & Utilities Industry


    Axonius eliminated our previous time-consuming processes and brought assets together in a system that acts as a window across our business. Not only is it accurate, it's also faster than any native tool since it's all there.

    Senior Security Engineer · Technology Industry


    The biggest benefit of working with Axonius is the way that it decreases the amount of time and increases the amount of organization and security when conducting investigations and when just doing asset management as a whole.

    Security Engineer · Finance Industry


    Axonius has given us visibility that previously would have required us to take multiple outputs from different sources, correlate them to glean a result. Axonius greatly reduced the time we would have spent and increased our accuracy.

    CISO · Telecommunications Industry


    Axonius enabled clarity with regards to asset management, assurance of coverage, and the discovery of previously unknown correlations. “I’d recommend Axonius to anyone who needs to customize their asset management tool to fit their business needs and not the other way around.

    Cybersecurity and Incident Response Director · Software Industry


    What happens now?

    Depending on when you submit your request, you will receive an email to log in after about an hour. Make sure you check your inbox; it's possible it ended up in your spam folder.

    What can I do while I wait?

    Ensure you have credentials for the adapters you want to connect in your trial account. In the meantime, learn more about activating your Axonius trial.

    What are adapters?

    Axonius gathers asset data by integrating with the solutions you already use. We call these integrations adapters. You'll need to provide credentials to these solutions in Axonius to get started. Not sure how to connect your existing or new adapters?  Check out this video for a tutorial.

    What kind of adapters should I use?

    The more adapters you connect, the more comprehensive your asset inventory will be.  For your trial, we recommend connecting any of the following to Axonius:

    • Device and user management consoles (Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), or Jamf Pro)

    • Endpoint security agents (McAfee, Symantec, CrowdStrike, CarbonBlack, other endpoint security platforms)

    • Networking (Axonius integrates with network interface controllers, network access control, switches, firewalls, etc.)

    • Identity Access Management (Okta, G-Suite, Duo, Forcepoint, and more)



    Start your free 30-day Axonius trial today.