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Feel Confident in Your Asset Inventory.

Unrivaled visibility. Immediate context. It’s time to make credible, comprehensive IT asset inventories the rule rather than the exception.

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Inventories: A Real Pain in the Asset

Manual IT asset inventories require an average of 89 hours of labor and need to happen 19 times a year.* See Ebook Even then, you won’t have an updated, unified view of everything in your environment, leaving you open to unknown gaps in security. With Axonius, asset inventories are easy — and immediate. Here’s proof.


Get an Effortlessly Accurate IT Asset Inventory

We were able to quickly identify any device that didn’t adhere to our policy and turn on alerts to know any time a device or user fell out of compliance… [Axonius] gives us confidence that we’ll know any time there’s an anomaly that needs attention.

Guy Flechter | CISO, AppsFlyer

Having a single source of truth and confidence in the data that we’re looking at has been incredibly valuable… As we added new devices, we were able to quickly see which ones were configured right. We were watching the tool update in real time.

Richard Itri | Managing Director & CTO, PJT Partners

It’s allowed us to tap into a wealth of data… Axonius has become a pretty critical piece of our whole ecosystem. We’re getting better value out of all of our tools because now we have a better view of all our assets and which ones have the right tools.

Andrew Bohan | Enterprise IT Global Security, Schneider Electric

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Asset management solved for cybersecurity. See the Axonius platform for yourself.