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    Complete Visibility


    Axonius discovers all assets for a credible, comprehensive asset inventory — including the context around them, and their relationships and dependencies. Discover all assets — regardless of location, uptime, or power state. Find devices, user accounts, software, cloud assets, SaaS applications, networks, and even vulnerabilities — anytime, anywhere – from the Axonius consolidated assets page.

    Discover Unmanaged Assets

    Organizations struggle to discover exactly what assets exist in their environments. Single sources of data only reveal what can be seen from that one perspective, but not what’s hidden — like unmanaged or unauthorized devices, or devices with missing or malfunctioning agents. Axonius aggregates data from 800+ adapter integrations and other data sources. Data is normalized, deduplicated, and correlated for a credible, comprehensive asset inventory.

    Visibility In Real Time

    Keeping track of an asset inventory on a spreadsheet doesn’t work. It simply won’t scale. Axonius automatically discovers assets in real time by integrating with your solutions and networks. Constantly track containers, virtual machines, and other devices that frequently enter and leave your networks. Find any connected asset — without invasive network scanning, manual effort, or the complexity of traditional tools.

    Reduce Mean Time to Inventory

    Using manual aggregation of multiple data sources across your infrastructure — data center, cloud, multiple-cloud, or hybrid — is time-consuming, cumbersome, and prone to error. Disparate data among multiple vendor tools leads to duplication. Axonius delivers an automated inventory to save time and achieve accuracy, so you understand exactly what assets exist, their state, and how they’re connected.

    Inventories — Not Always A Pain In The Asset

    Manual asset inventories are out-of-date as soon as they’re complete, offering a limited and incomplete view — and leaving you open to unknown security gaps. Axonius asset inventories are easy, immediate, and navigable. The Axonius Platform delivers a management interface that can see and interact with all assets in an infrastructure, no matter where they exist or what state they’re in.


    See the Platform

    See the Axonius Platform for yourself with an interactive product tour, where we'll guide you through key applications of our Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.

    Book a Demo

    Request a demo to learn how the Axonius Platform provides a system of record for all digital infrastructure helping IT and security teams manage an always-expanding sprawl of devices, users, software, SaaS applications, cloud services, and the tools used to manage and secure them.