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  1. More devices + more solutions = less visibility: The more devices we have, the more solutions we buy to manage them. But with more silos comes less visibility into the big picture. 

  2. Even with a NAC, SIEM, endpoint protection tools, and more, there’s no way to get a single view to be able to ask questions, get answers and take action to ensure your policies are enforced.

  3. Unlike IT asset management or visibility tools, unified endpoint managers, NAC or CMDB, the Axonius platform does not require the deployment of an agent and can be deployed in less than an hour.


By connecting to the management and security solutions that customers already use and the network infrastructure, Axonius gives customers a credible, comprehensive asset inventory. From laptops and desktops, servers and VMs, cloud instances and mobile devices, to IoT and OT, if an asset is part of your environment it can be discovered.

Providing customers with a true, always up-to-date inventory of assets is the first step in uncovering security gaps and enforcing policies to take automated actions like enriching CMDB data and creating incidents when any asset is not in line with the overall security policy.

Use Cases

Active Asset Discovery

By connecting to the solutions that manage assets as well as the network itself, Axonius discovers new assets as they appear in your environment. 

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Unmanaged Device Identification

While many solutions can provide visibility into the assets they know about, they can't provide information on those assets that are unmanaged. Axonius connects to both solutions and the network itself to identify managed and unmanaged assets.

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