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    Why Axonius SaaS Management?

    Multi-layered SaaS app discovery

    Identify and manage unsanctioned, shadow, and unmanaged SaaS apps, third- and fourth-party extensions, and Oauth tokens.


    Contextual insights across the SaaS app stack

    Understand the inventory of all SaaS apps, data flows, interconnectivity, and the relationship between apps, users, devices, and more.


    Assess, Address, and Mitigate SaaS risk

    Discover and mitigate configuration issues, suspicious behavior, and leverage the Axonius Enforcement Center, remediate SaaS app issues.



    SaaS visibility

    Identify Shadow SaaS and Risky Accounts

    Axonius identifies and helps manage your entire SaaS app stack, including unsanctioned, shadow, and unmanaged SaaS apps, extensions, Oauth tokens, users with excessive permissions, or users accessing apps outside of sanctioned SSO and authentication protocols.

    SaaS Management - Risky Shadow SaaS
    SaaS Management - Misconfigurations
    SaaS security posture management

    Discover and Close Configuration Gaps

    Axonius enables customers to quickly assess SaaS security risks that expose sensitive data through misconfigured SaaS app settings, SaaS provider compliance gaps, and suspicious access and behavior.

    SaaS operations

    Control Costs and Optimize SaaS Licensing

    Axonius optimizes SaaS spend with data insights into licensing and utilization, redundant SaaS apps, and shadow apps and users.

    SaaS Management - Licenses and Spend
    why teams trust axonius

    Using Axonius for SaaS Management

    Customers leverage Axonius SaaS Management to get comprehensive visibility into their complex SaaS environments, discover misconfigurations, monitor compliance, and understand app utilization and cost optimization opportunities.

    See the Platform

    See the Axonius Platform for yourself with an interactive product tour, where we'll guide you through key applications of our Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.


    Axonius correlates asset data from existing solutions to provide an always up-to-date inventory, uncover gaps, and automate action – giving IT and Security Teams the confidence to control complexity.


    Discover all SaaS applications, see data interconnectivity, identify risk, and optimize costs.