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    Axonius SaaS Management.

    Axonius SaaS Management discovers all your known and unknown SaaS applications, identifies misconfigurations and data security risks, and delivers insights for better IT management and cost optimization.

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    Navigating the Complexity of SaaS

    Over the last 10 years, SaaS has exploded. Enterprises use hundreds of SaaS applications on a daily basis — and the shift is driving lots of challenges.


    Data Sprawl and Shadow SaaS

    Getting a credible SaaS asset inventory with complete visibility to all SaaS apps and how data flows between them


    Increasing Security Risks

    Managing countless configuration settings and security risks across hundreds of SaaS applications


    Out of Control SaaS Spend

    Obtaining visibility into spending and licensing management

    Why Axonius SaaS Management?

    Axonius SaaS Management's comprehensive approach solves SaaS challenges for IT, security, risk, and finance teams by delivering a single source of truth into every SaaS application.

    Navigate SaaS Complexity

    Learn how to solve key SaaS challenges using a modern, comprehensive approach to SaaS management.

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