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    Secure Software Asset Management

    Axonius Software Management delivers extensive visibility into software applications. It helps IT, financial, and security and risk teams automatically identify all software across the technology estate to identify unwanted and unsanctioned software, inform software spend and cost optimization, and reduce risk.


    Software Management

    Gain a credible, comprehensive and unified view of all software in your technology stack and eliminate time-intensive manual inventory discovery and compilation. Categorize software asset data with custom tagging and create custom fields to prepare for vendor audits or comply with regulations.


    Risk Reduction

    Identify unauthorized, unwanted, or suspicious software. Understand the presence and impact of software vulnerabilities and investigate using contextual data to better understand relationships between software and associated devices. Create custom data fields that calculate custom risk scores and prioritize vulnerabilities and security gaps, then automate a response to initiate a remediation workflow.


    Cost Optimization

    Fully understand your software inventory. Compare deployed software against your contracted number of licenses to better negotiate renewals. Recapture unused or off-boarded licenses and redistribute to save on total licenses needed. Identify unsupported EOS or EOL software versions for more informed renewal or replacement planning.


    Understand What Software Exists

    Find all known or unknown (shadow) software and surface unwanted or unauthorized software that may be introducing risk. Axonius automatically discovers it all so you can see exactly what you have running in your environment.

    Vuln and context insights-1-1

    Investigate Software

    Explore the context around software to understand its use and importance. Where is it installed? Is it deployed on a critical device like a server? Who has access to it? Does it have an active vulnerability? Answers to these and other questions provide the situational awareness needed to optimize software spend and prioritize security issues.


    Automate Actions

    Set enforcement actions when software goes unused or falls out of policy compliance, leaving security gaps. Initiate remediation workflows when software vulnerabilities arise — send notifications, or create help desk tickets, issues, or incidents with third-party platforms for corrective action.

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