Crossing the CAASM

The Emergence of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management — and Why It Matters More Than You Think

More than four years after Axonius coined the term cybersecurity asset management, Gartner announced its Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management category — informally known as CAASM.CAASM_Display Ad_300x600

So, what does CAASM really mean? And how does it differ from other, similar types of technology? And, most importantly, what's the business value of a CAASM solution — and what can it help your IT and security teams achieve?

We answer these questions and more in our latest ebook.

Download the newly revised second edition of "Crossing the CAASM: From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence" to learn:

  • How Gartner's CAASM category came to be
  • Why the emergence of CAASM is so timely
  • Ways CAASM can bolster your organization's security posture

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