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    HOW Gigamon Gained Visibility Into Complex Networks with AXONIUS.



    With 40+ patents in the deep observability space, Gigamon is a market leader in network-derived intelligence. The company serves more than 4,200 customers (including 83 Fortune 100 companies) across many sectors, including government, finance, and healthcare.


    • 950+
    Key Challenges

    • No full end-to-end view of all assets in real time
    • Hard-to-identify tech stack redundancies
    • Difficulty proving value to shareholders

    • Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management
    • Axonius SaaS Management

    Using Axonius allowed Gigamon to make informed decisions about its tech stack during times of growth by increasing visibility and helping identify cost inefficiencies.


    A leader in the deep observability pipeline, Gigamon secures the world's largest, most complex, and heavily regulated networks. The company delivers network-level telemetry to cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise, and virtualized environments so its customers can have a thread of visibility across all assets in real time. But internally, the Gigamon security team struggled with gaining visibility into its own assets.

    This lack of insight sparked Chief Security Officer (CSO) Chaim Mazal’s desire for an easier way to view every piece of technology. The team had limited visibility into only its SaaS applications — hindering its ability to identify redundancies across the board.

    Gigamon also wanted to improve its end-to-end cohesiveness and foster efficiency and collaboration. They needed a platform offering time to value, ease of use, and scalability. That’s why the team chose Axonius.

    “We decided to work with Axonius because we thought it was solving a very real and complex challenge that every single security practitioner faces today. And that's being able to have insight into your organization's growth as you continue to fulfill the requirements and needs of your customers.”

    — Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer, Gigamon



    As Gigamon continues to develop the world's best product for immutable network-level traffic, they must secure their environments as they grow — all while moving at a breakneck pace.

    "Having real-time clarity into our environments as we continue to build out our products was essential, and Axonius helps us achieve this," Mazal says. Using the Axonius Platform provides Mazal and his team a comprehensive view across the board — making it easier to identify cost inefficiencies and security gaps.

    And by giving multiple teams at Gigamon insight into all assets, their relationships, and business-level context, Axonius helps Gigamon make more informed decisions, reduce risk, and increase the speed of innovation.

    Axonius also gives Gigamon a clear picture of how much coverage for security tooling exists across various environments. The security team can now share these data-driven insights with top-level decision makers.

    “We’ve been able to have conversations at the leadership level about how we want to proceed strategically as an organization,” says Mazal. For Mazal, closing the gap between the security team and the executive board has been one of the biggest benefits of using Axonius.

    "We can now see the security tooling that's deployed and vulnerabilities that potentially exist. Being able to make proactive decisions to reduce risk in real time has been instrumental for us. This helps increase our security posture, and it's definitely provided a tremendous amount of value to be able to continue to scale our business and program."

    Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer, Gigamon


    And these efforts paid off. As Mazal and his team proved the value of Axonius by making decisions driven by data, they secured additional funding.

    "Axonius helped us discover additional investments that we need to make going forward so we could focus on getting full buy-in and support from the executive team and the board. These continued investments help us proactively build out a world-class security program.” Gigamon is now set up to continue eliminating redundancies and become even more efficient.

    "Being able to show our threat landscape in real time, deliver insight into our assets, and uncover security tooling helped us gather more investment to reduce risk across the organization."

    Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer, Gigamon



    For a company as innovative as Gigamon, being able to move quickly is a non-negotiable. “For us, Axonius is top three for our security program as far as stack, because it allows us to be nimble and move fast,” says Mazal.

    Gigamon launched several initiatives faster than it could have without Axonius. It took Mazal less than three months to get an accurate view of his threat landscape and end-to-end assets, which he’d never experienced before.

    “If you are looking for fast time to value, ease of implementation, and a high level of success, I would highly recommend [Axonius]. The amount of visibility I've been able to garner into my organization and into my assets and infrastructure has been tremendous, and I think any organization would benefit from its use."

    — Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer, Gigamon


    The Axonius Platform has become a cornerstone in Gigamon's asset management process. “Axonius bridges the gap between security and product development, allowing us to make informed decisions and reduce risk while we continue to innovate in our space.” According to Mazal, the ROI has been "incredible," enabling strategic decisions as Gigamon continues to build world-class solutions for the future.

    “I would absolutely recommend Axonius for any CISO, any security program, and any leadership team in general. Being able to have a breakdown of all of your assets in all of your environments — and being able to have informed, detailed information that allows you to prioritize how you continue to build out your security program — is something I believe is essential."

    — Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer, Gigamon

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