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    Video: Control Complexity™


    Increased Complexity in IT and Security is Inevitable.

    As IT and security pros, we can all agree on two things: complexity is increasing, and traditional asset inventory approaches no longer cut it.

    The only path forward? Challenging what we think we know.

    Myriad Assets. Minimal Visibility.

    The second law of thermodynamics states that complexity is always increasing. When you look at technology, and especially cybersecurity, this undoubtedly reigns true.

    For example, asset management used to be easy — but not anymore. 

    That’s because cybersecurity is much different than it was 10 years ago — even two years ago. Where and how we work, the types and amount of devices we use, and the ways and places we store information have all changed. 

    The result? We’re managing more assets than ever before. And gaining comprehensive visibility into our increasingly complex environments is getting trickier by the day.

    So, what are we IT and security pros to do?


    It’s time we challenge what we think is true about cybersecurity asset management.

    It’s time we say goodbye to the old way of doing things — and hello to a better, more efficient approach.

    One that starts with Axonius.

    "Cybersecurity begins with two very basic questions: Who is on your network? And what is on your network?"

    Renee Wynn, former CIO of NASA and former deputy CIO, EPA

    Security Starts With Seeing All Your Assets — All the Time.

    The Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform makes it simpler and more streamlined than ever to manage and secure your devices, cloud instances, and users. 

    By integrating with more than 400 security and management solutions, Axonius helps you get a comprehensive, always up-to-date inventory of your environment, identify security coverage gaps, such as missing or malfunctioning agents and overly permissive users, and automate response actions, remediating risks and vulnerabilities as they’re discovered.

    As Axonius CEO Dean Sysman puts it: “We’re not gonna replace Batman — but we want to give Batman his toolbelt to be able to fight the bad guys.”


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