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    InComm Payments, a technology innovator for prepaid products like gift cards and other payment devices, is involved in industries like retail, healthcare, tolling & transit, mobile payments, and financial services. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, InComm Payments has over 500,000 points of distribution, 402 global patents, and a presence in more than 30 countries.


    3,000 employees
    Key Challenges

    • Security tool coverage and compliance gaps
    • Vulnerability tracking and remediation
    • Asset scoping

    Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management

    InComm Payments implemented Axonius for a comprehensive, always up-to-date asset inventory for greater visibility into their assets, a more enhanced security program, and a 30% increase in workflow.


    Walking into a new position includes lots of promise, expectations, and challenges.

    And for anyone involved in asset management, the expectations — and especially the challenges — are multiplied.

    “Trying to find or mitigate one asset is like trying to find a needle in a haystack,” said Tiffanie Joseph, a former technical security project manager at InComm Payments. “It’s very difficult and sometimes that haystack is on fire.”

    “It helps every department in every way,” she said. “It’s not just a security tool — it’s literally a tool for everyone.”

    — Tiffanie Joseph, former technical security project manager, InComm Payments


    When Joseph started at InComm Payments, her first project involved payment card industry (PCI) compliance. And while on the project, she worked with the Axonius cybersecurity asset management solution for the first time.

    “Anyone that’s worked with PCI knows how complex and challenging it could be,” Joseph said. “It was a lot of pressure. But they said this is the tool we have and being able to see all the assets in real time was a game changer.”

    In previous roles, Joseph recalled there were challenges navigating IP addresses or creating an entire SaaS database. Using Axonius helped Joseph cut more than half the time it took to complete her work.

    “I immediately felt like I had a personal assistant instead of going into a minefield blindfolded,” she added. “I’ve got everything right there in front of me.”


    InComm Payments, a global payments technology company, implemented Axonius to help with issues like compliance, security tool coverage gaps, vulnerability tracking, and asset scoping.

    Axonius is utilized by various departments across the organization. The IT department, for example, uses Axonius to manage data and hardware, ensuring all workstations have the security platforms they need.

    Having an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory is a critical element to InComm Payments’ everyday operations — and security posture.

    “It’s very important to our security program — it’s the backbone to everything we do with the security program,” Joseph said.

    “A lot of the time, we have security platforms that we have to have in place to keep all the payment solutions secure,” she continued. “Making sure we have that visibility and in real time is everything to us.”

    Through true visibility into their assets, InComm Payments has evolved its security practices. Specifically, by having a better understanding of whether all devices, cloud instances, and users are managed and secured, the company has enhanced its security posture, according to Joseph.

    With Axonius, senior leaders at InComm Payments also have visibility into the company’s security efforts through weekly reports that help to identify trends, prioritize action, and measure progress.

    “It helps every department in every way,” she said. “It’s not just a security tool — it’s literally a tool for everyone.”


    Along with having real-time visibility, InComm Payments leveraged Axonius to expedite projects.

    Joseph managed projects for various teams. They were often given six months to a year to complete a project. With Axonius, Joseph said many projects were completed within three months.

    “Overall, it’s increased our workflow by 30%, which says a lot about having this type of tool,” she said. “It’s literally at our fingertips, which has been completely amazing. Axonius has enabled us to move faster and complete more tasks at a better pace.”

    When she previously reviewed projects, Joseph would look at details like the length of time, the teams involved, and communication. Now the amount of person-hours involved has “completely dropped off,” she said. “I can now download a CSV, send it off to another team for review, and then they send everything right back to me.”

    Teams from InComm Payments meet with Axonius customer service weekly to discuss any issues or problems that crop up. For example, InComm Payments team members were shown how to create queries and make changes in the Axonius Enforcement Center. Joseph added Axonius customer service quickly responds to requests, whether it’s an email or a call.

    “After working with Axonius, I realized it’s not just a security tool — it’s an Army knife, a screwdriver, a can opener, and a bottle opener. It’s everything. It has so many things wrapped up in one solution,” Joseph said.

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