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    Mindbody Enhances Visibility with Axonius to Secure its Global Environment


    As a global SaaS provider for the health, beauty, and wellness industry, Mindbody powers everything from gyms to hair salons in over 150 countries. Mindbody’s software gives businesses the tools they need to manage and expand their operations, including billing, scheduling, staffing, and marketing.


    Key Challenges

    Establishing a comprehensive view of what was on their network and what was running on their network to eliminate blind spots in incident response.

    Mindbody enhanced visibility into its environment, expanded incident response capabilities and achieved an overall cybersecurity maturity rating of above 4 (on a 0 to 5 scale).

    Working Toward Asset Visibility

    Jason Loomis, CISO at Mindbody, used to characterize the difficulty of asset management: “You can have a lot of disparate systems managed by disparate teams, and it can be hard to gain a comprehensive view of what’s on your network and what’s running on your network.”

    Mindbody needed to solve the challenge of cybersecurity asset management to mitigate the associated security risks, particularly unknown gaps in coverage, and improve incident response times as the team worked to assemble adequate information. Loomis and his team worked to build a Python-based data aggregator that would consolidate all the information he sought into a single point of view. Unfortunately, Loomis noted, “We spent a year and a half building it, and never got it to a place we needed it to be.”

    Prioritizing Security Through Asset Management

    As a global solutions provider, Mindbody is committed to ensuring it has the best possible security; Loomis knew that a hardware and software inventory, (knowing what’s on your network) is a foundational cybersecurity control. His team was introduced to Axonius as a pre-built solution that could provide centralized visibility and data. They could use this information to minimize blind spots and increase response capabilities.

    Discovering the Ideal Out-of-the-Box Solution

    “Axonius, out of the box for a very competitive price point, solved our cybersecurity inventory problem for us,” he shared. “We moved pretty fast with it because of the ease of use... Within a couple of weeks, we had it at 75 percent efficacy.”

    Loomis adds, “Axonius is different from other solutions that we looked at. One, the technology was so simple to use and simple to implement. And second, the level of customer service is outstanding.” He goes on, “The customer service we get from Axonius is by far the best customer service of any of our vendors. And we work with top tier vendors across the board in cybersecurity.”

    "The sheer excitement my team feels to have visibility into what’s in our environment and to have it all in one location — I can’t express how important that is for us."

    Jason Loomis, CISO, Mindbody

    Centralizing Asset Visibility and Management

    Axonius provided the single point of view that Loomis needed: “I don’t have to go to AWS to find out about AWS. I don’t have to go into SCCM to find out about on-prem. I don’t have to go into Azure to find only Microsoft-specific data. I can pull all that data into one place, build my queries, and build my automation and reporting out of one solution.”

    More than that, the platform boosted security and response. “It absolutely was a priority for cybersecurity because it just gave so much visibility that we didn’t previously have... We had blind spots in incident response if we saw an asset or user that we didn’t recognize because it missed asset inventory. This tool gives us that extra response capability.”

    Loomis went on, “Axonius is one of those rare instances where the technology absolutely matches up with what it can do for you. I don’t ever like touting a certain technical solution for something, but in this case, it works. It’s the most exciting technology — I’m not just saying this lightly — that we’ve worked with in the last two years, and it works pretty much as promised. It’s fantastic.”

    Delivering Meaningful, Tangible Results

    For the Mindbody team, implementing the Axonius platform enabled them to tackle their top two critical cybersecurity controls: they can now see what’s on their network and what’s running on their network. This has closed gaps that they would have been unable to address otherwise: “We just wouldn’t have been able to do what we do.”

    Mindbody uses the CIS Top 20 as a benchmark; organizations that implement the first six critical security controls can reduce their risk by 85 percent. Loomis noted that “Axonius allowed us to mature critical controls number one and two to a point where we achieved an overall maturity of above four.”

    His team’s excitement about the tool is clear. “The sheer excitement my team feels to have visibility into what’s in our environment and to have it all in one location — I can’t express how important that is for us,” said Loomis. “I would recommend Axonius to anyone who really wants to get a handle on their inventory from a cybersecurity specific viewpoint.”

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