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    Updated May 12, 2023

    All terms capitalized but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to such terms in the Axonius terms and conditions, available at (the “Agreement”).


    Standard Support

    Premium Support

    Support Access / Availability

    Solution Availability

    Uptime” means the Solutions are up and available for access through the Internet.  Axonius employs commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the Uptime of each Solution is no less than 99.9% in any given calendar month (the “Up-Time”)1, and upon request will investigate any failure to meet the Up-Time to determine the underlying cause.

    Helpdesk Support

    Customer support available at during regular business hours2 to assist with questions and requests concerning the Solutions.

    Enhanced  Service Levels

    Reduced response time targets (see section entitled “Service Levels” below) from Axonius Support Engineers via customer support ticket prioritization.


    Proactive Case Management

    Escalation and metrics-based consultations to resolve individual customer support tickets and streamline support requests.


    Technical Account Management (TAM)

    Access to the TAM Team

    Access to the Axonius TAM team for consultation regarding initial set-up of Axonius features, and addressing “how-to” questions.

    Axonius Enablement

    Access to the library of on-demand Axonius content, including training webinars, available through the Axonius “Community” Forums and Axonius+.

    Axonius Version Upgrade Assistance

    Assistance with Solutions updates and upgrades to ensure platform continuity.

    Designated Individual TAM

    A single technical account manager resource to serve as Company’s primary liaison for support and product-related enablement.


    Technical Trainings

    Advanced training and health checks in specific verticals made available by Axonius Experts through workshops and individual case consultation.


    Scheduled Cadence Calls

    During periodic scheduled calls a member of the TAM team will provide Q&A and/or just-in-time training on topics chosen by Company, updates on the latest features of the Solutions, and general platform health checks.


    Use Case & Objectives Support

    Hands-on workshops made available by the TAM team to build out business use cases and objectives for best leveraging the Solutions.


    Proactive Notifications

    Proactive notifications regarding potential areas of concern or improvement to help Company deploy and operate the Solutions at peak performance.


    Executive Business Reviews

    Periodic scheduled reviews of milestones, trends, initiatives, and Company’s progress towards its business goals, each as they relate to the Axonius platform.


    Quarterly Health Reviews

    Quarterly reviews of Company’s Solutions deployment; including alignment to Axonius best practices, and preparing for future changes to Company’s environment.


    Axonius On-Boarding

    Welcome Letter

    Detailed information on accessing the Axonius toolset, and contacting Axonius support.

    On-boarding Webinar

    A recurring webinar conducted by Axonius on-boarding specialists to help expedite Company’s on-boarding experience and introduce new Company team members to Axonius and the Solutions.

    1 to 1 Quick Start Call

    After completing the introduction to Axonius, the Quick Start Call will cover the key benchmarks required to fully deploy the Solutions.

    Designated Individual On-Boarding Engineer

    A single on-boarding engineer resource that specializes in on-boarding processes will be available to help rapidly achieve Company’s successful deployment and usage of the Solutions.



    Service Levels2,3


    Target Initial Response Times4

    Target Follow Up Times4

    System Down

    A Solution is completely down or severely hindered; there is no workaround available.

    Premium: 2 hrs

    Standard: 4 hrs

    Premium: 2 hrs

    Standard: 4 hrs


    A Solution’s performance is hindered; however, the system can still function (either with or without a workaround).

    Premium: 2 hrs

    Standard: 4 hrs

    Premium: 4 hrs

    Standard: 8 hrs


    A Solution’s performance is not technically hindered, but it requires a slight modification or change (such as a configuration setting change request).

    Premium: 4 hrs

    Standard: 8 hrs

    Premium: 12 hrs

    Standard: 24 hrs


    A question or other informational request concerning a Solution arises.

    Premium: 8 hrs

    Standard: 12 hrs

    Premium: 24 hrs

    Standard: Case-by-Case

    1 Exclusions for purposes of the Up-Time commitment calculation include: (i) downtime caused by Company or Company’s Affiliates or agents, including downtime caused by Company’s configurations, software, hardware, web services or other technologies used by Company or its Affiliates; (ii) downtime attributable to the general downtime of Axonius’ downstream cloud services and infrastructure providers; (iii) scheduled downtime for maintenance (not to exceed 8 hours per month) or customer support; (iv) use of the Solutions that is not in accordance with their Documentation or the Agreement; (v) downtime resulting from denial of service attacks, virus attacks, or hacking attempts; and (vi) any other circumstances that are not reasonably within Axonius’ control, including the availability of the Internet.  Temporary unavailability of certain features or functions of the Solutions is also excluded to the extent the use and performance of such Solutions is not materially impaired by such unavailability.  Company’s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of a failure to meet the Up-Time shall be provision of support by Axonius in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
    2 As used herein, “hours” refers to 8am-5pm standard business hours in the applicable location/region of Company's headquarters or primary technical contact if different (holidays excluded).
    3 Axonius will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to each customer support request according to the Severity Level time frame targets provided herein. Such Service Levels are applicable only when Company utilizes the Axonius Technical Support Portal to submit its customer support request (
    4 Response and Follow Up times may be longer if Company does not have remote support enabled.