Understand The Security State of Any Asset.

    To ensure a continuously strong cybersecurity posture, free from security coverage gaps and policy violations, Axonius provides timely and actionable data, aggregated from all data sources deployed across your environments.

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    Myriad Assets, Minimal Visibility?

    Don’t settle for sub-standard asset visibility just because others say it’s complex or time consuming. The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform gives you answers and allows you to take action, all from a unified view of your assets and their associated security state.

    data sources

    Conflicting Data Sources

    Most organizations piece together various technologies to gain an understanding of the assets in their environments and each asset’s security state. This stitching together creates visibility gaps for asset inventory and security coverage.

    manual processes

    Manual Processes

    With digital transformation and evolving work requirements, the number and type of assets IT and security teams must manage is exploding. Many companies still use spreadsheets or network maps to try to control the complexity — with little to no success.

    IT complexity

    Missing Context

    Between increasing IT complexity and error-prone manual asset inventory efforts, important context is missing, resulting in cybersecurity events and incidents that can cause major disruption and damage.

    security policy enforcement

    Policy Enforcement

    Without an orchestrated method of cybersecurity asset management, security organizations are forced to toggle between disparate tools with different data sets, interfaces, capabilities, and common data schema. This is a drain on resources and can cause unnecessary mistakes.


    Cybersecurity Asset Management Made Easy

    Unify the security state of all your assets by deploying one solution. Axonius orchestrates all the tools already in your arsenal — from cloud deployments to CMDB, endpoint protection to encryption, and vulnerability assessment to virtualization tools — giving you unmatched asset visibility and control from one console.

    Gartner Hype Cycle: CAASM

    CAASM is on the rise, says Gartner — but what exactly does this mean? Read the report to find out.

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