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    In 2018, Axonius defined cybersecurity asset management as the process of a) gathering data from any source that knows about assets, b) normalizing, deduplicating, and correlating that data to produce a view of every asset and what's on it, c) continually validating every assets adherence to security controls and d) creating automatic, triggered actions whenever an asset deviates from expectations.

    One System of Record from Many Sources

    Most organizations piece together data from multiple technologies to gain an understanding of the assets in their environments and each asset’s security state. This approach creates visibility gaps for asset inventory and security coverage. Through the most comprehensive network of adapters, Axonius aggregates, normalizes, deduplicates, and correlates asset data — giving you comprehensive asset visibility.

    Change Is Faster Than Manual Work

    With digital transformation and the move to hybrid work environments, the number and type of assets IT and security teams manage is exploding. Many companies still use spreadsheets or disparate tools to try to control the complexity — with little to no success. Axonius eliminates manual work and improves accuracy about the state of your assets through automated identification, mapping, contextualization, and enforcement capabilities.

    Mitigate Threats with Context

    Axonius uses advanced correlation to surface vulnerabilities, find security coverage gaps and policy violations, and identify areas of asset-related risk. Discover assets not protected by third-party security tools or software with known CVEs. Uncover dangerous misconfigurations or unpatched devices. See behavioral trends over time. Then use your asset summary and Asset Graph to investigate security issues, vulnerabilities, missing protection, and automate remediation action — directly within the Axonius Platform.

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    See the Axonius Platform for yourself with an interactive product tour, where we'll guide you through key applications of our Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.

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