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    Full Visibility


    Obtaining a comprehensive, credible inventory of all digital infrastructure is a prerequisite for understanding and securing your company’s attack surface. Axonius unifies all assets — internal and external — allowing you to understand asset dependencies, potential blast-radius, and more. Axonius makes it easier than ever to see where your organization is vulnerable and automate response actions to reduce the attack surface.

    See Your Full Attack Surface

    Many platforms provide an “attacker’s view” of a company’s attack surface, but do not provide insight into which assets are most critical or susceptible to exposure. Axonius integrates with hundreds of data sources to not only give you a complete view of your attack surface – but to also give rich, contextual information on external-facing assets. Gain the visibility you need to make smart, informed decisions and take action.

    Map Your Attack Surface

    To truly understand your attack surface, you need to see not just what assets exist, but how they relate to or depend on other assets. The Axonius Asset Graph helps you identify vulnerabilities that could enable hackers to infiltrate a system. Visually see an asset’s “blast radius” and interactively explore dependencies using Axonius to evaluate which assets introduce the most risk.

    Explore Exploitability

    How secure is your attack surface? Contextual data adds depth and perspective when evaluating the state of your attack surface. Are assets external-facing? Are there critical dependencies? Can external, third-party resources like Shodan, Censys, or HaveIBeenPwned provide insights on potential attack vectors? Axonius enables contextual investigation that enhances an understanding of exploitability and enriches asset data with third-party intelligence for deeper analysis.

    Automate Remediation

    Manually addressing each potential vulnerability or security gap on the attack surface would require an entire team of cybersecurity professionals. Axonius automates remediation workflows to close security gaps, restrict user account access, patch vulnerabilities, and more. Strengthen security deployments of critical controls — such as EDR/EPP, encryption, and UEBA — and continuously monitor your assets. Initiate action whenever one is found to be missing a security control to reduce potential attack vectors before bad actors can find and exploit them.

    See the Platform

    See the Axonius Platform for yourself with an interactive product tour, where we'll guide you through key applications of our Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.

    Book a Demo

    Request a demo to learn how the Axonius Platform provides a system of record for all digital infrastructure helping IT and security teams manage an always-expanding sprawl of devices, users, software, SaaS applications, cloud services, and the tools used to manage and secure them.