Axonius for Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Enrichment.

    Aggregate, correlate, and deduplicate asset data to provide a singular, credible view into any asset – then push data back to the CMDB to increase and maintain accuracy of all configuration item (CI) records.

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    Why is CMDB Enrichment Important?

    CMDBs are integral to minimizing IT and security incidents. As a centralized repository, they’re often used for tracking and managing IT assets. With today’s complex infrastructures, though, an accurate, up-to-date asset inventory is difficult to maintain and rarely provides a complete picture of all assets at any given time. Enriching a CMDB with Axonius data provides a continuously updated CMDB, deconflicting asset data to provide a singular, credible view into any asset.

    Inaccurate CMDB Data

    Inaccurate CMDB Data

    Multiple data sources cause duplication, inconsistency, and poor data visibility, making it difficult for IT teams to investigate, security and risk teams to explore vulnerabilities, and DevOps and cloud teams to ensure proper configuration.

    Missing Configuration Items

    Missing Configuration Items

    Missing CIs, which can include valuable information such as asset ownership, software, hardware, and configurations, weaken the dependencies between assets, lessening the value of the CMDB as an investigation, analysis, or recovery tool.

    CMDB Maintenance

    CMDB Maintenance

    As IT environments become more complex with growing numbers of devices, users, software, and instances of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), it becomes more difficult to maintain good CMDB hygiene. Axonius improves maintenance by reconciling gaps, enriching CMDBs with credible, comprehensive asset data, and automating updates.

    How Axonius Helps Reconcile Asset Gaps and Maintain an Accurate CMDB

    Maintaining a CMDB is a struggle — but not with Axonius. Here's how our platform helps you ensure you have the credible, comprehensive, and actionable asset data you need to make informed decisions with confidence.

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